Saturday, February 13, 2010

Education Media International

Open source eportfolio: development and implementation of an institution wide electronic portfolio platform for students

The portfolio concept represents collections of work or abilities accomplished by students and professionals. The rise of constructivism and self-discovery learning establishes the portfolio as a significant communication technology. Portfolios are student, competency, reflective, and multimedia centered. Academic institutions recognize competency oriented education as an up and coming aspect of successfully preparing their students for the working world. Courses focus on multidisciplinary sciences, language, and student teaching. Electronic portfolios will become the standard for higher education, allowing universal accessibility to pre-post work experience.

As a recent graduate looking for ways to effectively move into the career field, this article was extremely insightful. This article gave me a great breakdown of the variety of portfolios one can create. My interests peaked when I learned of the competency based education program being developed. Practically, it makes more sense to build ones body of work experience from the bottom up then attempting to construct a log of experience post-graduation. By focusing on competencies directly applicable to the students desired profession, one is able to track their strengths and weaknesses, follow their personal learning plan, reflect upon learning experiences, and visual their career goals.

Without have a competency oriented education, how does one track their strengths and weaknesses while preparing for a specific career?


  1. I can see the eportfolio as extremely useful to display a person's skills and competencies in certain areas. It will be challenging to blend our American educational emphasis on "outcome" based education that can be objectively measured and the eportfolio concept.

  2. I chose the same video because it helps student build their work from the ground up which gives them a chance to get organized. The whole point of the e-portfolio is to have control over what goes in it while learning of the weakness and the strengths.